Who is this Felicia Rose Adler person, anyway?

Felicia is the "Muse Whisperer" and author of the book "MasterDating: How to Meet and Attract Quality Men!"  After 20 years in the hair business, Felicia became a wildly successful motivational public speaker, author and TV/Radio personality.  Felicia was dubbed by Glamour Magazine as "America's Hair-a-pist!"

Felicia is a forty-four year old woman of the new millennium.  Her personal Purpose and Passion in this world is to make a huge powerful positive difference in the lives of millions.  The Muse Whisperer is the most current leg of her journey.  Rather than report all kinds of facts and details about where she was born and went to middle school, here's a brief history of her life and then we'll get on to the stuff you really want to know.

"I was raised in Miami Beach. Parents divorced at eleven. Trauma and drama!!!  Lived in PA for a few years.  Off to Sunny Southern CA, Los Angeles.  Good Times! . . .  Started working at fourteen.  Started my own hair business at twenty.  "Felicia's Jungle Hideaway Hair Salon." Worked.  Lived.  Loved.  Played.  Volunteered politically and by mentoring teenage girls through "The Youth at Risk Program" in Watts, CA and later with "Penny Lane Group Homes."  Joined N.A.W.B.O (National Association of Women Business Owners).  Found a love of my life ~ married him.  Together eight years -- now happily divorced. 

Somehow I ended up writing a book, "MasterDating"!  Did a bunch of Radio/TV/Print Publicity ~ lots of press and people loved the book (YAY!)  Became a wildly successful motivational speaker. Then, some health problems. PTSD (OyeVey!).  More, worse health problems (bed-ridden for a few years there).  Shipped off to Georgia to heal in a place of love.  While rehabilitating, I came to realize that I am a Muse Whisperer.  So, I hit the radio circuit and off I went." 

Here's what Felicia thinks you might find of importance.  "I seem to have several gifts.  I'd like to take credit for what comes out of my mouth, but I often feel like it was not really my idea.  Someone will come to me about something in their life that has a grip on them.  I will listen and think and analyze the situation and then when I open my mouth, words come out -- often not the words I was thinking at the moment as if something or someone else is coming through me.  The person will light up like a bulb with strong passionate emotion and tell me that what I said, or asked, brought them directly to a level of deep understanding about how they needed to deal with the situation at hand!  They will tell me that I am brilliant and ask,   "How did you get that!"  Then they are simply empowered to create the shift they want in their life. 

Whether it be doubling their income while cutting down their hours and stress, creating their dream career, manifesting the love of their life, turning their marriage around -- you name it.  Inspiration is the key and the Muse can ignite that force within you and turn your dreams into realities -- and fast!  I guess it doesn't matter who gets the credit ~ I say "I'll take the credit for allowing the muses to be channeled through me."  I feel comfortable with that one!

Felicia has been successfully empowering people to remove the blocks that stand between themselves and realizing their dreams by channeling the Muses for as long as anyone can remember -- by doing it for a living, she has found a way to reach out and make her gift available to all who seek it.